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    1. Professional Services Logistics

      Industries / Professional Services Logistics

      Selling a service is different than selling a product

      We understand companies that sell knowledge-based services, because we are one. Like your industry, we help our customers understand complex subjects and help them improve their current processes. Your particular area of expertise might be engineering, agriculture, architecture, finance, or law. Ours is transportation and logistics.

      All too often, we find service companies aren't fully leveraging their supply chains to their greatest advantage. Without a product to tie results to, it might be difficult to describe the true impact of adding efficiency, mitigating risks, and navigating change in your supply chain. That's why we're here. We can help you understand exactly how your supply chain affects your customers and help you improve in the areas that matter most.

      In a professional service role, your job is to help clients manage and improve their business.

      Let us do the same for your supply chain.


      Meet one of our professional services logistics experts

      After nearly 20 years with C.H. Robinson, Sarah understands what it takes to make professional services supply chains successful. Using her English and Spanish skills, Sarah’s helped many customers both in North America and abroad.

      Her current customers rely on her strong project management expertise as well as her knowledge about the industry and logistics overall.

      What can an expert like Sarah do for you?

      What's trending in professional services logistics?

      Focusing on inbound transportation

      The benefits of controlling your company's inbound freight management are often worthwhile. By focusing on properly managing your inbound freight, we can help add efficiency, reduce inventory, and save on transportation costs.

      How can a 3PL benefit your business?

      Whether you're growing rapidly or simply shifting strategies, here's what you need to know about how third party logistics providers (3PLs) work and the supply chain goals they can help your business achieve.

      Simplifying transportation budget discussions

      Here's how to have productive discussions within your organization about business decisions that may impact your transportation costs—and how to decide if the tradeoff is worth it—before decisions are made.