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    1. Healthcare Logistics

      Industries / Healthcare Logistics

      Patients rely on your products. Is your supply chain up to the challenge?

      Saving lives and improving quality of care is what the healthcare industry is all about. Your supply chain and logistics strategy should enhance that mission, not hinder it. That’s why we’re here.

      Build a smarter supply chain from first to final mile with C.H. Robinson. The visibility you gain with us allows you to:

      • Closely monitor modal choices and consider creative distribution solutions
      • Follow inbound and outbound processes to meet business requirements
      • Streamline global and cross-border shipping complexities

      It’s all possible with our healthcare experts and Navisphere? technology backing you up.

      We know healthcare.

      Proactively reduce costly damages and exceptions to better protect your bottom line.


      Meet one of our healthcare logistics experts

      As a Certified Supply Chain Professional, Jon helps his healthcare customers with mode and route guide optimization, damage and cost reduction strategies, and aligning customer expectations with transportation and industry best practices.

      With a dozen years of experience in the transportation industry, Jon understands what it takes to turn healthcare supply chains into a competitive advantage.

      What can Jon do for your supply chain?

      What's trending in healthcare logistics?

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      How to prioritize supply chain visibility

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      Transportation success is more than a low rate

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